Download Viber Apk For Android


Download Viber APK for Android

Download Viber Apk For Android

Android since the first appearance has been offering a variety of convenience to it&# 8217; s users. Starting with the android operating system in the presence of various brands of mobile phones, followed by the presence of android applications centrally at Play Store.

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One of the convenience offered by various applications contained in the Play Store is communicating with friends, colleagues and even others through Viber application.

Viber since the first time the presence of Android already offers free calls to other Viber users either between users or to Viber on Android Viber users on other mobile platforms.

Viber is available for Android, Blackberry, Windows phone, iPhone, and many more devices and platforms. Viber for some Android users are must have installed apps in their phone to help them to communicate each other. The app also offers text, and send photos worldwide for free to over 140 million users. The Viber is connecting the world freely.

Viber for Android is available for free download, and right now the latest version of Viber has been available with many new features, bug fixes, and enhancements. The Viber allows you to free calls with HD sound quality, simple to use, always connected, ad free, free text and photo messaging, and 100% free.

If you would like to install Viber for Android, you can get the apps through Play Store link. But if you would like to install the app manually, you can download Viber APK for Android from download link. Once you&# 8217; ve successfully install the Viber on your phone, you can make free calls and send free messages to any device that has Viber on any network. You must connect through a 3G or Wi-Fi connection than start to communicate with other Viber users around the world.

Viber is one of the best quality VOIP calls using 3G or Wi-Fi, and now it has group messaging feature which allow you to grouping your friend up to 15 friends. On the latest version the Viber for Android also has Quick Reply Popup that help you to reply messages without having to stop what you&# 8217; re doing. New messages will pop-up and disappear once you&# 8217; re finish.

Even though there are many similar apps around the Play Store, the Viber is still one of the best communication apps for Android. The Viber for Android is one of recommend apps for Xperia Z from Sony. Because we believe, the Viber will continue it&# 8217; s great support to the app by adding some new features to enhance the apps from their thought or based on users feedback. Hopefully you will like the Viber for Android by installing the app on your phone.

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